The Residents Survey helps the Council understand our residents, improve services, and direct resources to the issues that matter most. The survey carried out in 2021 measures 12 key themes of residents’ satisfaction in the borough and their perception of Council-run services. These themes included the extent to which residents feel informed and engaged by their Council, the trust that they place in them, and their satisfaction with the way the Council run things.

Conducting a residents’ survey offers Newham Council valuable insights into how our services are perceived by the wider community. It also helps us to demonstrate our transparency and accountability to the people we serve and helps us to monitor, and address, any changes in satisfaction levels over time. Surveying our residents is also important to help shape strategy, messages, and channels.

Understanding how residents consume information, and more importantly, would like to, enables us to adapt our services to people’s needs, and to ensure that the way we communicate about our services is reaching the people we need to open the opportunity for residents to help shape how we as an organisation, improve services, change lives, and create places that people want to live, work, and invest in.


The survey findings are embedded in a Power BI dashboard, which is a visual display of the data from the 2022 Residents Survey, providing users with charts immediately. To use explore the survey findings using Power BI, please click on the 2022 Residents Survey Report link.

Once you have opened the dashboard, you will be directed to the home page of the dashboard where you will see the 14 main themes of the survey. Questions in those themes are organised around the “eight pillars of recovery,” as part of the London Borough of Newham’s “Building a Fairer Newham” strategy.

Each section in the dashboard contains graphs which visually display responses to questions related to the relevant theme as well as a breakdown by different demographics representing the population profile by age, gender, and other demographic information. The dashboard uses arrows to flip pages; and by selecting the Residents Survey Report icon, users can navigate back to the home dashboard in one click.

Simply click on the section you want to view, and you will find survey results for that section. Hovering your mouse over the charts will allow you to know the unrounded percentage of residents that selected that response.

To filter survey data by demographic data, use the bottom ribbon to select the characteristics you wish to see data for. By default, the dashboard shows all respondents. You can apply multiple filters, however applying multiple filters will reduce the base size (the number of respondents who answered the question), which means that there is a lower degree of certainty that the results are reflective of the entire population. If the base size is below 50, we would not want to conclusively say responses are reflective of the group.

To protect resident data, if there are fewer than 10 responses, the exact base size is not displayed. This is to prevent residents from potentially being identified through their responses.

For more information on the Resident Survey, or how to use Power BI, please email Research1@newham.gov.uk.