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National Travel Survey Published

The National Travel Survey (NTS) is the primary source of data on personal travel patterns in Great Britain. The NTS is an established household survey which has been running continuously since 1988. It is designed to monitor long-term trends in personal travel and to inform the development of policy.

The survey collects information on how, why, when and where people travel as well as factors affecting travel (eg car availability and driving licence holding).

Since 2002, the Department for Transport (DfT) has commissioned the National Centre for Social Research to conduct the survey fieldwork. NTS data is collected in two ways: from an interview with household members, and from trip diaries which respondents keep for a 7-day period. In 2015, the survey coverage changed from sampling residents of all Great Britain to residents of England only. Approximately 16,000 individuals, in 7,000 households in England, participate in the NTS each year.