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Newham People's Panel

Help shape the services we provide and the things we prioritise by becoming a member of the Newham People's Panel.

Have your say

Newham Council has launched the Newham People's Panel. The Council's main job is to make sure the services we provide and the things we focus on are what are residents want us to prioritise. With that in mind, we have launched the online panel so that you can easily have your say on a range of issues.

What kinds of things can I give my opinion on?

We want your thoughts on key hot topics. This can be anything from employment to the cleanliness of your area, what leisure facilities you need, to what you want to see from the 2012 Games legacy.

How it works

Visit to access the panel. Once there, simply fill in a quick registration form to become a member of the panel. From then on, surveys will be emailed to you for you to fill in and have your say. In addition, many of our surveys include the opportunity to be entered into a draw with a selection of prizes to be won! Most surveys take about ten minutes to complete. There will also be quick polls where you can log on and simply answer a quick poll question. Anyone can be a member of the panel, you can be a resident or you can be a visitor to Newham, you just need to be aged over 16. There may be some topics you're more keen to have your say on than others so you can pick and choose which surveys you want to take part in.

Become a member of the Newham People's Panel

To sign up to the panel, visit and fill in a short registration form.