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About Newham Info

Newham Info provides data and information on Newham from a wide range of sources and covers a wealth of issues to support evidence-based policy-making across the public sector in the borough.

Formally NIMS, Newham Info hosts data compiled by Oxford Consultants for Social Inclusion (OCSI,) as well as other popular datasets such as ONS Mid-year estimates and GLA's Population Projections. Statistics are updated regularly as new figures become available.

This site is managed by the Systems and Intelligence team (part of the Strategic Commissioning and Intelligence Service) to;

  • improve the quality of the information used by organisations in the borough;
  • provide statistical evidence to support the debate on the key social, economic and environmental issues faced by people living in the borough;
  • increase understanding of local needs and help improve the quality of services provided to Newham’s residents.